About Me


Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog!  I’m Karla, an adventure-life loving writer & video blogger with a passion for storytelling and discovering new places and things. 

Throughout my life, I have learned that we will all have moments of triumphs and hardships, but it’s how we go about dealing with these situations that make us or break us. I want to encourage those who stumble upon my website to live a positive and optimistic life. My main goal in life is to constantly learn and step out of my comfort zone. I strongly believe that we all have stories worth sharing, I hope mine can make a good impact to those who follow my journey.2_1


During college, I studied cinema arts and journalism and fell in love with it all, from writing to filmmaking. However, what I truly wanted to accomplish was sharing my voice with others and not being afraid to speak up.

Before starting my YouTube channel, I wanted to be a television correspondent but feared public speaking and didn’t have the confidence to talk in front of a camera. I didn’t want to live with what ifs, so I decided to give myself a chance and started video blogging in order to get out of my shell.

Fast-forward 5 years later, I have now grown into a confident person both off and on camera.

Like on YouTube, this blog is a space where I can share both my triumphs and hardships, honestly and humorously. I hope you can find something on here you can relate to, love and/or laugh at.

WhatWouldKarlaSay is a space where both you and I can share our vulnerable, silly and optimistic thoughts! I would love to hear from you, if you want to share your story with me, email me at greggkarla@gmail.com