5 reasons Why You Should Document Your Life With Video

5 reasons Why You Should Document Your Life With Video

I’ve been uploading YouTube videos since the awkward stages of my life like discovering my true self in college, entering the world of adulthood and even sharing some personal moments of my life. Being a video content creator has had its ups and downs both creatively and personally.

However, looking back at it, I don’t regret anything except not documenting more.

As a content creator, I have the constant mentality to create. I am guilty of strategically plan ways to come up with better content that can possibly get me more views. However, that has not been my focus these past five years of video blogging on YouTube. Instead, I have focused on sharing my process with my audience from failures to triumphs.

Since documenting my life, I have influenced an audience that even when I hadn’t see my fullest potential, followed my journey from day one.

Tweet: It’s important to document your process even when you think you do not have the potential to influence others.

Document the process of starting your business, the process in your weight loss or the process in your self growth.

5 Reasons why it’s important to document through video blogging:

  1. You will show your audience the real you & not sell an online persona of someone you are not.
  2. You’ll start putting yourself out there more which will help you grow as a public speaker.
  3. Documenting will force you to step out of your daily routine and motivate you to find the exciting moments of your everyday life.
  4. You’ll start sharing your honest opinions which will inspire others to speak up and share.
  5. You’ll have old video content to review your transformation and your progress throughout the years.

So for anyone out there who wants to start making videos, just start by documenting the process of what your doing in your life. Don’t be afraid to share! Become a storyteller and in your journey you will find people who can relate and learn from your process. Your story matters.

So here’s to more personal vlogs in 2017! Can’t wait to celebrate the outcome. I want to keep sharing my story and hopefully along the way, help others. That’s all I can ask for right now.

If you want to know what made me want to keep video blogging (vlogging) watch my latest vlog here:

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