Why You Should Be On YouTube Like Yesterday

Why You Should Be On YouTube Like Yesterday

If you want to find a quick explanation to an event in history or even a simple how-to tutorial, do you usually spend hours reading about it or prefer watching a 2-5 minute recap video? We all have our preference but as more video content is created for online platforms, people are watching hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos.

Making YouTube videos is a great way to retain information especially when done in a personal yet strategic way. The viewers are not only entertained by the creators content but start trusting them for needed information. This is a great way to grow a reliable audience when growing a brand or business.

Being a YouTube content creator doesn’t mean you have to vent to a camera about life events or pop culture trends, you could honestly post about everything and anything. Any individual who wants to share a journey to small businesses should all be on YouTube.

Here’s why you should be on YouTube:

Showcase your skill for potential business clients or job opportunities

If you are an individual showcasing a skill, talent or service, people want to see your work.
For example, if you are an aspiring chef and spending thousands of dollars going to culinary school, make your money count. Teach others what you know by creating how-to videos and showcasing your most magnificent recipes via video content. Not only can this work as a portfolio when applying to jobs but better yet, you can share with potential business clients by sending them the link to your YouTube channel recipe videos. This would not only be a great way to show that you are capable of doing the job and working in a timely manner but you can also be making ad revenue with your videos.

Document your personal journey from before to after results

As a vlogger, I have shown my audience where I started and where I am now. As a personality rather than a small business I have created more of a personal connection to my audience. Connecting with your audience rather than selling them on a product or service will allow them to trust you in the long run when you’re ready to expand your brand. When you share your personal life, for example a weight loss journey, it’s important you share results, connect with your audience and give them content they can benefit from. By doing this, they will seek you for advice and guidance. This can be a great way to start a business, and bring them along the ride.

So what are you waiting for? Visually share your passion on YouTube. Video content is the new way to market your business, skill or service.

Let me know what you think about starting a YouTube channel and email me with any questions!

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