Not So Dangerous Mountain Thrill

Not So Dangerous Mountain Thrill

Not everyone will find the same thrill and excitement with certain things. An extreme surfer may not think skateboarding is dangerous nor exciting. However, we aren’t all extreme sport enthusiasts. Although, if you ask me, I would never pass an opportunity to surf or skateboard.

On my first episode of my YouTube series, Never Have I Ever, I  decided to skip out on the skiing and snowboarding and found joy in being a first time mountain lift rider. Although I did do some snow tubing through the white hills, what I couldn’t get enough of was gliding through the summit of Mt. Baldy on a ski lift.

It almost felt as if I was flying while the cold wind hit my face as we passed by snowy trees and looked down at tired hikers. If you plan on going on this 17 minute, 1 mile ride, be sure to hold on tight, because although safe, just keep in mind that your about 6500ft up in the air.

Never Have I Ever is a new series on WhatWouldKarlaSay that challenges you to get out of your comfort zone or do fun, exciting things you have never done before!

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