Every day is a fresh start which means if you failed to accomplish something the prior day, don’t fret you have another chance to check it off your to do list. Confidence comes from having a sense of accomplishment. Personally, I know when I don’t accomplish something, I loose my sense of confidence. It doesn’t have to be that way, wake up early in the morning and do something! Anything that will have you walking out your front door with a huge smile and sense of accomplishment . Accomplishing something everyday, will make you gain confidence and feel better about yourself. Write in your journal, clean up your room, exercise, or my favorite, blast music in the morning and dance your little toosh away. Believe me, not only will you get working out off your to-do list, but it will have you feeling super confident in yourself.  A great way to start your day! An odd but helpful trick I learned in my early 20’s to gain confidence was: Talk highly of yourself to yourself. Confidence starts within. Talk highly of yourself to yourself. Confidence starts within. For example, one night, my friend and I were going out dancing. I felt pretty fulfilled that, I had got many things done off my to-do list and felt really great about myself. As we were getting ready, my friend took a deep breathe in and said “I don’t feel confident or pretty enough to go out.” Of course, like any girl who was going out dancing, she wanted to feel sexy, so, I told her to look at the mirror, tell herself she was cute and while she was at it, flip her hair. She laughed and thought this was a weird idea but followed through. After moments of repeating the activity and following that along with laughter, she put on her best top, walked out that door and repeated, “I am cute.” Yes, this sounds silly, but it worked. She didn’t complain about how she looked the entire night. Win. It doesn’t have to be about looks, you can talk to yourself about how smart, active and/or funny you are. I do it all the time. As I am writing this post and loosing confidence in my writing, I snap out of it and tell myself , “You’ll get better. You’re good, you just need to do it more often.” Keep in mind, that it’s okay to boast about yourself sometimes. However, in some cases, how you look does determines how you feel. Sometimes I feel frumpy so I act like a big couch potato and stay home on a Friday night watching YouTube videos. Looks matter, not always, but in certain scenarios, they do, let’s be real. So let’s say you have a job interview or an important meeting and you look really put together but somehow still feel frumpy, take a selfie. I know, selfies are horrible and everyone associates selfies with the Kardashians but selfies can be a positive thing. Take a photo of yourself being silly or with something you love. If you love cooking, snap a photo of yourself smiling while making breakfast. My favorite is capturing a selfie with my DSLR in a mirror during my travels. Smile, pose, do whatever, just work with what you got. Believe me, after one, two, maybe a few selfies (We can’t all get a great one on our first shot) you’ll find a good looking one. You’ll be thinking “You know, I don’t look that bad.” Own it. Get that confidence. Walk out the door and picture yourself as that one amazing selfie you captured of yourself. Believe me, it was all you. Remember confidence can be found, you just need to accomplish anything off your to-do list and while you’re at it give yourself some compliments in front of that mirror. Don’t judge and just do it.